Thursday, November 30, 2017


The Revised Edition of Romantic Prince by Ruth Heredia, a study of Rafael Sabatini and his writings, is now offered as a gift to anyone who is interested in the writer.

The PDF files may be obtained by request on this blog,
and may be printed only for personal use. Please do not make commercial prints of these books and do not substitute another name for mine or in any way alter a single letter, word or punctuation mark in these files, or make commercial use of the photographs which only I have permission to use, as is clearly stated in my books, nor upload the photographs or any part of my book. In plain words, please respect my copyright. That copyright covers even the writings of Rafael Sabatini printed in Part Two of my book. My editing of them gives me copyright.

If these terms are respected, knowledge of Rafael Sabatini and his writings will spread and everyone will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ruth! Fishtronics (Jason)

Unknown said...

Please may I have a pdf of both books? I'm enjoying your postings on Sabatini very much and am keen to read more. Great work - thank you!

Ruth said...

Thank you, 'Unknown', but unless you give me an e-mail address, how shall I give you the files? No one else will see your address because I will not publish it here. All comments go to my e-mail, and unless I click on 'Publish' they remain there. Having noted your reply, I will 'Delete' your comment and it will be safe from disclosure!

Unknown said...
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max said...

Hi can I please have a copy of your book? I have just discovered Sabatini by reading stuff on gutenberg online, ordered as many of his books as I can and want to know everything