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It was intended that this announcement should be made on 27 June, which would have been my father's 98th birthday.  But since Part Two, Reading Rafaelof the book about Rafael Sabatini, is ready ahead of schedule, my father shall have an early birthday present.

Recoveries: 7 of them; 6 stories and a review
Places in the Mind
Gallery of Invented Works of Art
Battles on Land and Sea
Weapons and Swordplay
Illustrations I (11 illustrations in 6 plates)
Literary Nonage
Webs in The Snare
Scaramouche? Kingmaker?
A French Revolution Quartet
How Historical? – The Minion
Bellarion – 
Fight or Flight?
Constructing Chivalry
Plotting The Lost King
Life and Love: The Romantic Prince
At the Centre
Love and Marriage
A Folly of Jacobites
Illustrations II (25 photographs in 14 plates)
Known Work of Rafael Sabatini

I want very much to reveal the stories, and the subjects of the photographs, but let all that be a surprise!


Besides the uncollected stories and a review by Rafael Sabatini; the photographs; the additional (sometimes quite unexpected) data of a biographical nature; the list of works; and the suggested resources for future research, this book is a guide to the pleasures of reading Rafael.
There are no separate study guides to every novel (34!) or even to one half that number. Rather, there are ‘entry points’ of different kinds into reading one novel or a cluster of novels. 
These will demonstrate how much more there is to a Sabatini novel than a hero swinging from a rope and slashing – successfully – at a moustache-twirling villain while a beauteous damsel looks on in fear and fascination. - Or the equivalent more soberly conducted. 
From a Sabatini novel a reader can enlarge his own acquaintance with all manner of things large and small that are found there; some serious, some amusing.
From the sections on select novels a reader can take away a model for how to deepen comprehension and increase appreciation of any other novel among the 34.
The style is different from that adopted for Seeking Sabatini. There are no foot- or end-notes. Source citations are restricted to those absolutely necessary. Seeking Sabatini’s Sources and End-Notes are sufficiently comprehensive already, and that volume should be ready to hand for the numerous references back to it.
In sum, this is not a reader’s compendium but a reader’s companion.
It is hoped that the two volumes of Romantic Prince together will answer many questions, raise a few for further research, and greatly increase enjoyment of the work of the hitherto largely unknown, and frequently misunderstood, Rafael Sabatini.

It has 268 pages, 20 plates, and soft covers (laminated).
It is only available directly from me, the writer, publisher and cover designer.

To find out about the cost, and how to order, watch for the next post, or try

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