Sunday, January 09, 2011


"God does not ask us to succeed, he simply asks us to try." ~ ascribed to Blessed Teresa of Kolkata but embodying a very old Christian teaching.
Useful to remember when wearily, perhaps even cynically, contemplating the likely end of brave New Year resolutions.

scribendi cacoethes


"Follow that star!" the Magi said,
We follow that star

No matter how far

It leads us."

Up they rose and mounted their camels,
Saddlebags packed, set off on their travels,
Riding, riding, no matter how far,
Always led by a wondrous star.

Passed through old lands of cultures ancient,
Life ever sorrowful, peoples patient,
Riding, riding, led from afar
Over desert and mountain, led by their star.

Came at last to the land of the King
Whose birth the star blazoned, and angels did sing.
Found him, and made him their hearts' offering,
Escaped from wily old Herod's cunning.

"Followed that star!" the Magi said,
"We followed that star to where it led
And now are returned to our homes from afar,
But always within we shall follow His Star."

E.M.R.H. 10 January 2011


"Hearken to me," she clamoured,
Although it was in code.
"Learn, learn from me before
I turn to ashes cold."

"The knowledge that I've gained
Cost me more than gold;
The wisdom I've been given
Cannot be bought nor sold."

"The tides they ebb and flow
Giving us never a sign.
"Had I been more watchful
A different life were mine."

Sometimes she spoke out plainly,
More oft she was discreet,
But those she addressed did not heed her
Though the tide swept over their feet.

E.M.R.H. 8 January 2011


An influence can be viral
Much like an influenza.
Has a pal drawn you into a spiral?
Why then it's time to dump 'er.

E.M.R.H. 9 January 2011


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