Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Carol


Who comes down the hill, radiant as dawn?
Jesus our Lord, the Father’s Only Son.

Ring bells, light lamps, and flowers strew,
Good souls, put on your garments new,
Christ our Lord is risen today,
As to his friends he did say.

Alleluia! Christ is risen;
Satan’s power is overthrown.
Alleluia! From Death’s prison
Jesus mounts his rightful throne.

Long time it was Darkness reigned,
Held poor souls, each one, in thrall.
Christ for us has freedom gained,
Gates of Heav’n opened to all.

Sleepers awake, it is morning;
See how Light breaks a New Day.
For all sinners hope is dawning,
Love and mercy shall hold sway.

©2017 by Ruth Heredia

Ruth Heredia is the originator and holds the copyright to all material on this blog unless credited to some source. Please do not use it or pass it off as your own work. That is theft. If you wish to link it, quote it, or reprint in whole or in part, please be courteous enough to seek my permission.

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