Monday, December 14, 2015


Lord, why may I never find
One single soul to whom my mind
I may lay bare, and know it must be
Perceived with perfect clarity?

Do you not speak to me, child dear,
And have you said aught I did not hear?
Leave other minds, and turn to me;
I never fail to hear or see.

I know, Lord, that from nothing I was made,
And to nothing shall my body come
When in the earth I’m laid;
Yet my soul to thee shall home.

All I have is by thee given;
If thou shouldst ask it of me again,
All shall from me be riven,
Thou shalt not ask in vain.

For, Lord, I do bethink me well
Of thy sacrifice which saved me from hell.
If I must today be plunged in sorrow,
My soul shall rise to thee tomorrow.

©2015 by Ruth Heredia


Fair_Marina said...

How truthful! As if God Himself speaking...

Ruth said...

Thank you. It seems to me that a dialogue between the soul and God is a simpler means of communicating certain spiritual thoughts.