Sunday, October 18, 2015


Proem: A frog consented to carry a scorpion across a pond.
Said the frog to the scorpion:
“You promised not to sting!”
Said the scorpion, “It’s my nature.”
“Now we’re both drowning,
Why did you do it?” froggie cried.
“My nature,” scorpion burbled as it died.
Moral: Some bad characters never change. Don’t trust them ever.

Proem: You can teach a mule to obey,
but an obstinate fool heeds not a word you say.
Dance lady, dance the night away;
In your red shoes, dance night and day.
Dance until the briars tear you,
Dance until your feet won’t bear you,
Then feet and shoes must go;
To be sorry you must know.
Moral: Read Hans Christian Andersen

©2015 by Ruth Heredia

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