Monday, March 23, 2015


On the Book Covers

Rarely do the images on the covers of Rafael Sabatini reprints by House of Stratus even match the contents let alone exactly represent them. Some of the choices are bizarre. And why an Armada painting for Sword of Islam when Hounds of God is given what I referred to as a bizarre choice?

I have identified some of the images used on the covers. When the painting is not commonly available I have added it.

Banner of the Bull – Benozzo Gozzoli – Procession of the Three Kings (detail)
Bardelys – Palma Vecchio – Portrait of a Young Woman in Profile 1512/1514

Chivalry – Master of the Female Half-Lengths [Hermitage Museum version] – Concert of Women
Columbus - Eugène Delacroix – Return of Columbus and audience with Ferdinand and Isabella
Fortune’s Fool – Rembrandt - ’Nightwatch’
Gamester – Theodor Rombouts – The Card Players

Gates of Doom – Antonio de Pereda – The Knight’s Dream
Heroic Lives – Lorenzo Lotto – Man with a Golden Paw, ca 1527
HNE 1 – Gerrit van Honthorst – Supper Party, ca 1619
Hounds of God – Arnold Böcklin – The Chapelle

Justice of the Duke – Ambrosius Holbein – Portrait of a Young Man, 1518
King in Prussia - artist unknown - Frederick the Great
Life of Cesare Borgia – Altobello Melone – Cesare Borgia
Lion’s Skin – Cesare Detti – Le Duel des Mignons, 1578

Lost King - Engraved by Meyer Heine after De La Charlerie
Marquis of Carabas - Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse – Battle of Fleurus (1794)

Nuptials of Corbal – Jacques Louis David – The Tennis Court Oath
Romantic Prince – Lorenzo Lotto – Portrait of a Young Gentleman in his Study, ca1527
Saint Martin’s Summer – El Greco [now challenged] – Lady in a Fur Wrap [reversed image on book cover]
Scaramouche - Louis Lejeune - Passage du Rhine Dusseldorf, le 6th Septembre 1795

Scaramouche the Kingmaker – Léon Cogniet - La Garde nationale de Paris part pour l’armée, Septembre 1792

Shame of Motley - Jan Matejko - Stanczyk during a Ball at the Court of Queen Bona after the Loss of Smolensk
Snare - Robert Alexander Hillingford - An Incident in the Peninsular War: Napoleon Entering a City
Strolling Saint – El Greco – St. Dominic in Prayer
Sword of Islam – Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom – Fireships attack the Armada

Tavern Knight – Johannes Vermeer – The Procuress
Torquemada - Pedro Burruguete, c. 1495 - St Dominic Presiding over an Auto de fe.
Trampling of the Lilies – Francois Louis Joseph Watteau – The Departure of the Volunteers, 1790

Venetian Masque - artist not yet identified - Dévouement héroïque de Hyacinthe Michaud, maire de Versailles, Septembre 1792

Thursday, March 05, 2015


Colombo da Siena

Which of these would come close to Rafael Sabatini's descriptions of Colombino in CHIVALRY?

Both portraits are by Giovanni Bellini.

I cannot make up my mind.