Saturday, February 21, 2015

In Memoriam

Confirmed my fears for a month (after receiving no response to two e-mails) that my dear old teacher; guide who improved my writing of poetry and prose, and by so doing gave me the will to completely alter my plan for a book on Rafael Sabatini; friend whose praise of the chapters I showed him gave me the courage to self-publish - Dr Jaysinh Birje-Patil - went to his Maker on 18 January after a heart attack. Out of the first feeling of desolation came the memory of all he taught me, and so this:

[The quotation is from Rafael Sabatini's The Minion.]


J. B-P

Always too soon they go, with no farewell,
 who caused flowers to break out upon a dried-up stem.

     They walk in the realm of endless light;
     Time buries all that time has brought.

Yea, but I shall walk with them,
The flowers in my hand.

©2015 by Ruth Heredia


Michael Ward said...

Without our teachers, we would be nothing.

Ruth said...

Other good teachers I've had, but Birje was the best.