Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Reflections on BELLARION

Picked up an old unsatisfactory piece, offshoot from last year's reading of the novel, and rewrote it today. A full commentary on the conclusion of the novel will appear in Reading Rafael.


“I am not good at inference.”

Between the fact and the meaning
a gulf unbridgeable
save by right intent;
only goodwill lays a highway
to limitless horizon.

Pride of race,
Pride in mind’s superior graces,
Intolerance of opposition –
Shall these be the foundation
Of wedded bliss?

The strangler’s cord avoiding,
Your enemy’s flaw exploiting,
Wounded in heroic fight –
Is Bellarion turned true knight
Whose lips you deign to kiss?

Princesses and ladies fair,
If her steady gaze you bear,
Truth shall lead you out of the maze.

~ E.M.R.H.              9 October 2014

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