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attica-ruth magazine 5


Some readers are confused by the different sections. For them a key:
ARCHIVE: photographs from albums; scanned documents; articles by F J Heredia.
ATTIC TROVE: informative pieces, usually brief, by R; quotations; art reproductions &c.
BOOKWORM: interesting notes on books & authors.
CUISINART: kitchen lore; recipes.
JOURNAL JOTTINGS: brief reflections on/ responses to items culled from newspapers/ magazines.
ORATORY: religious verse; images; prayers; meditations.
QUIRKS & QUARKS: humour; mostly unintentional.
SCRIBENDI CACOETHES: the writer’s itch, in prose & verse; includes family lore without names.
SEEKING: identification/ sources/ &c sought; helpful replies will be appreciated.
TREE & LEAF: family lore, more or less directly narrated.
WORKBASKET: for handwork of all sorts – ideas, designs, recipes (all right, ‘patterns’) &c.


The recipes given here are, generally speaking, not meant for the faint-hearted but for the bold & adventurous, accorded the freedom of pot & pan, stove & store-room. They do not number the crystals of sugar in a teaspoon, nor measure the length of a clove. Frequently they don’t measure any ingredients at all.

If you have not turned away already, be of good cheer. Despite the long & eccentric preambles that some recipes are burdened with, the cook who shares them is at least the fourth generation of a line of cooks. No one has been known to have dropped dead & turned blue after eating what they cooked, & many have enjoyed their cooking. So, be patient; read, mark, learn & inwardly digest these recipes – then, if you will, don apron, pick up tools & set to work.


Only the tomatoes are a fixed quantity (cannot be added to after cooking begins). All the rest is to be adjusted according to taste as the cooking proceeds.

1 kg red, soft tomatoes, chopped small
40 gms garlic chopped into fine slivers
1 scant teaspoon peppercorns
100 gms raisins – in our country, yellow raisins will do for most of us (“cheap & best”!)
75 gms ginger chips, chopped into fine slivers
2 tsps chilli powder800 gms sugar
1 ½ tsps salt
vinegar according to taste

Mix all together at once. Never leave tomatoes hanging around, salted & sugared, while you prepare the rest; it ruins the chutney.

Cook on simmer till thick enough to please you. Don’t try for too much thickening of the syrupy stuff – the chutney might caramelize. Remember to taste & adjust the sugar/ salt/ chilli/ vinegar before the chutney is done.

Bottle while hot. Cover when cool. Store in refrigerator, on the lowest shelf.

Ruth Heredia is the originator and holds the copyright to all material on this blog unless credited to some source. Please do not use it or pass it off as your own work. That is theft. If you wish to link it, quote it, or reprint in whole or in part, please be courteous enough to seek my permission.

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